Forex basics for new traders

10 Dec 2012

Before you begin trading with foreign exchange currencies, the most important thing you need to know is that there are large risks involved. You are highly likely to lose money, so you should never invest money in it that you need for other purposes. You will need to look upon it as a gamble. When […]

Forex trading: a viable option for financial solutions

25 Nov 2012

Forex is the using of currencies in trade, using one currency to exchange into that of another, following exchange rates determined by market forces and government regulations that vary from one day to another. The values of the currencies when measured against each other either appreciates or depreciates very much like a balancing scale. It […]

Trading with the Japanese Yen

25 Nov 2012

The currency market is the world largest financial markets with more than $3 trillion trade volume per day’s trading. Many financial centers like New York, Tokyo and London are actively trading in this world’s most actively trade markets. Although the US Dollar is the most traded currency, other emerging markets like that of the Japanese […]

Trading mistakes and trading success

12 Nov 2012

It is a surprising to note that only 5% of traders achieve their ultimate goal of being consistent in their trading gains and profits and this small percentage have actually grow from mistakes done during the actual trade. The interest lies on the fact that only a small difference separates these traders from the rest […]

The world of forex trading – The concept

10 Apr 2014

Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular because people can now access forex markets instantly from any part of the world. Liquidity and profits draw many people to forex markets. However, not many know what forex trading is all about. In layman’s terms, it is an exchange of two currencies. Currency values vary as per the […]

Dummies guide to Forex trading software

04 Mar 2014

It is a daunting task, trying to choose between the many different Forex trading software available on the market today. There are some tips that you can follow however to make choosing a Forex robot really simple for the biggest Forex dummy.

Do you have the skills to trade in options: find out

20 Feb 2014

Option trading is something that is gaining popularity these days. This is because of the fact that even though the amount of risk involved is extremely high, there is an increased potential for higher profits. The advantage of purchasing options is that you can very easily increase your money when there is rise in worth […]

Forex Robot for Dummies – Simple Hints for Beginning Forex Traders

04 Feb 2014

Foreign exchange is considered as one of the most popular businesses today not because of the many failures and success stories that have been related to it but in fact, forex has become popular during the past few years up to the present days because of the forex robots which are said to have caused […]

Some truths about forex robots

13 Jan 2014

With the advent of digital processing in the 80s and 90s, Forex prospectors have started looking for ways of taking advantage of online trading for their advantage. Computers have since taken a progressively greater role in Forex trading such that transactions including the big trades are done through automated activity.  The primary tool for this […]

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